Make your presence known         

PARABOL at Kunsthall 3,14, Bergen, Norway
16.02. - 19.05.2024

Make your presence known is a sound work and AI generated photograph by Nel, where the sensation of someone else's invisible but audible presence emerges in the sonic landscape. The belief in the ability to communicate with the spirits of the deceased is woven into various aspects of modern art. However, such connections have often been met with condemnation from the public, yet despite this, spiritualism has left its mark on the women's movement, cultural politics, media and even forensic science. Nel's staged installations often serve dual purposes, not only for audience engagement but also as personal explorations. Each project is carefully developed, often based on extensive research into obscure stories or myths.

PARABOL is an off-site collaborative project between Lydgalleriet and Kunsthall 3,14, another Bergen-based gallery. Lydgalleriet selects a sound work for the directional loudspeaker situated in Kunsthall 3,14's entrance hall. The works are curated in response to themes and issues relevant to the exhibition program at Kunsthall 3,14.

These sound works are the visitor's first experience when entering the entranceway to Kunsthall 3,14, situated in the premises of an old bank. Lydgalleriet’s curatorial focus in the PARABOL project is on specific editions of a sonic contextual experience, always selected in relation to the main artistic programme at Kunsthall 3,14.