Black Lake Monologue is an annotated text from a performance and lecture, outlining Nel's extensive research through her studio practice surrounding the Isdalskvinnen case, an unidentified Jane Doe case of Bergen.
Nel's research and subsequent exhibition at Tag Team Studio centred around the voice of the silenced woman, a woman who’s public profile has been shaped by the male gaze through exaggerated representations and rumours of the single travelling woman. The monologue includes associations with water, murder and suicide while walking around Svartediket, a lake area with black water in Bergen, Norway. Following the steps of The Isdal Woman and other obscure tales told by locals of the area.
Leaving aside the great narratives of history and their polished protagonists, her investigations arise out of a fascination with micro-stories of female individuals and the uncertainties, myths, speculations and distorting representations surrounding them.

Black Lake Monologue has been shortlisted the ‘Best Books of the Year 2017’ by The Danish Association of Book Crafts.

Publisher:CODA press, Bergen (NO)
Edition: 300 copies