Film still

Charged Yearnings, 2018
Video 29.01min

Apple Puma, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen, 2018


A dark sky.

Deep darkness, without a glimmer of light to settle the eye.
Out of the blue, tenuous electrical sketches scribbled with liquid light appear and disappear faster than the human eye can detect.
Flashes of potential.
Hints of possible lines of connection alight now and again.

Desire builds the air crackles with anticipation, lighting bolts are born with such anticipation.
Branching expressions of prolonged lighting, barely visible gestures disjointed tentative luminous doodling - each faint excitation of this desiring field is contingent and suggestive inkling of what is yet to come

Lighting, it seems, has always danced on the razor’s edge between science and imagination.
What makes us think matter is lifeless to begin with? Lighting mucks with origins.